Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wheat-Free Dairy-free Kids Meal

When I first found out about my son's food allergies/sensitivities (you can read the whole story here) I felt hopeless.  I really didn't know what to feed him.  Everything that we ate as a family had either wheat, dairy or eggs. 

I felt lost.

But, I decided to dive right in to see what kind of foods were out there for people like my son.  I realized over time that finding foods that my child could eat and like was possible.  It wasn't easy at first, but over the years I've started to figure it out.

For Lunch:
Sliced chicken breast
Potato chips
Apple slices
Glutino Pretzel Sticks
Sliced green bell peppers
Newmans-O's Wheat-free, Dairy-free cookie
A glass of calcium fortified orange juice

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