Thursday, February 16, 2012

Recycled Newspaper Bowls

A few weeks ago the kids and I found this book at the library and thought that some of the ideas looked fun to do. We have been looking for some creative crafts to do for our homescooling so we checked it out. We decided to make a recycled newspaper bowl. This would be a perfect little gift to make for Dad's upcoming birthday!

We followed the step-by-step instructions provided in the book.  First step, apply Vaseline all over the inside of a bowl.

Next, put down a layer of ripped newspaper. And for the fun (and messy) part, smear some of the homemade glue over the top. Repeat until you have about seven layers. The book had a great recipe for homemade glue. It was super easy to make!

Next, allow for the bowl to dry.  This took longer than I expected, about three days.  Since Dad is a big Boise State fan, we thought it would be neat to cut up a bunch of Boise State pictures from the newspaper and apply them to the bowl for the last layer.  It turned out great!

A perfect little bowl for those miscellaneous items like keys, loose change and a wallet.  This was a perfect craft to do with kids.  My boys had a blast ripping up the newspapers and creating something with their own two hands that they could give to their dad.  


  1. Brilliant idea- I remember doing this as a kid over a balloon and eagerly waiting until the balloon had dried so I could pop it. Rx

  2. Adorable blog and cute etsy shop too! Thanks for the comment on my blog it was fun to see a comment from someone new! :)

  3. such a cute idea! my kids would love to make homemade glue for it too. i'm loving your space over here--and what an adorable etsy shop! And we are in very similar stages of life...oh my word. Two and a half year old twins require a lot of attention :) Mine are almost four now and it's getting much easier. Now I have one more entering the two's soon and I'm cringing hahah Thanks so much for visiting me I'm really excited to get to know you!!

  4. wow, this is so creative. love this idea. can't wait to see what other things you make!!
    xo TJ

  5. @Joyeful, So glad to hear that it gets easier! :)