Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Easy DIY

hot glue gun
mini clothes pins

Simply dab a dot of hot glue onto the clothes pin, apply a tack and press down. Allow to dry. Hang pages from a vintage children's story book or desired pictures and your finished!

I found an adorable vintage book at a book sale at the library. It was marked free because of some major damages.  I thought that this would work perfect in the twin's room.  And the reaction I got out of them were priceless. They loved their new, bright and colorful art work. And, this little project was super easy to do! I love easy and inexpensive ways to add fun and whimsy to a children's room.


  1. Super cute idea and they look so nice pinned up on that pale wall! I may have to steal this idea someday...hehe. :-)

  2. Ohhh, I could do this! This is about my level of 'craft': simple, cheap and satisfaction within a couple of hours. Going to a great second hand book store at weekend so will have a hunt for a book I can bring myself to tear up! Rx

  3. Seriously! This is such a lovely little DIY! Fun and easy and the results are wonderful! I love the vintage prints. So perfectly unique for your kiddos room! xx Natalie

  4. that is such a great idea and i love the artwork.